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Jilin Yonglin Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in September 2008, enterprises registered capital of 300 million for private enterprises.The plant located in Jilin City, Songhua River, the source of raw materials Jilin in Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone on the 3rd Road (limited liability company in Chase graphite hospital in Jilin City); covers an area of ??30,000 square meters, complete public works; adequate water, electricity and energy;of the company; convenient transportation, the development of chemical advantages in resources and location advantages.


The introduction of new technology, new technology, unique in the country. Total production capacity of 8000 tons / year. Switch the production of phosphate ester flame retardants, including 3000 tons / year of phosphoric acid triethylene fat, Tri-isobutyl phosphate 2000 tons / year phosphoric acid butoxy butter 3000 tons / year.


National invention patents, has been the Tri-isobutyl phosphate preparation of high purity process "and" triethyl phosphate preparation methods, "the national invention patent, R & D team with many years of practical experience and high technology.



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